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  • Baikal Electronics chose the Synopsys Solutions Set for designing and verifying ICs and SoC

    Baikal Electronics chose the Synopsys Solutions Set for designing and verifying ICs and SoC 16 March 2015

    Baikal Electronics, a Russian developer of ICs and SoC, has concluded a cooperation agreement with Synopsys, the world’s leader in supplying software, intellectual property and services for accelerating the development of innovative circuits and electronic systems. Under this agreement, Baikal Electronics got an access to a wide range of Synopsys’s solutions: the Galaxy™ development platform, the Platform Architect™ graphic tools for architectural design, with the technology for multi-kernel optimization and analysis of the design and architecture, the Design Compiler® tools for designing VLSI and SoC, the IC Compiler solution for designing the topology, the IC Validator tools for physical verification, and the Synopsys DesignWare® IP sets of intellectual property.

    “Our company is Russia’s first design center for developing high-performance multi-core processors and systems on a chip, capable of competing in the global market. We develop products with advanced specs and latest interfaces. Our partnership with Synopsys, the recognized leader in CAD development and owner of a large portfolio of intellectual property, will help us sooner achieve our ambitious goals,” said Svetlana Legostaeva, General Director of Baikal Electronics, “A versatile toolkit for developing and functional verification of ICs’ design will help us make highly competitive and high-performing microprocessors.”

    The products of Baikal Electronics are designated for power-efficient computer- and industrial systems of different productivity and functionality. The microprocessors and SoC of the company will be the first Russian development, in the mass market, featuring high competiveness in terms of the engineering process, productivity and also the software and hardware compatibility. The cooperation with Synopsys will help outfit the developments of Baikal Electronics with the latest USB, PCI Express, SATA, and Ethernet interfaces. The up-to-date tools will help the technical department of the company more effectively build the processes of design and verification, and also bring the new developments to the phase of manufacturing.

    “Technological start-ups, such as Baikal Electronics, more and more often utilize solutions by Synopsys to optimize their developments. It helps them sooner reach the set goals,” said Bijan Kiani, Vice-President of Synopsys for product marketing, “By providing integrated solutions based on leading processes and high-quality global technical support we help our customers observe the time of the development and of the introduction of new products into the market.”

    About Synopsys

    Synopsys , Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) is a major developer and supplier of integrated systems for automated design of electronics, including the tools for logical and behavioral synthesis, tracing of elements, timing analysis, formal verification, HDL simulation, circuit simulation and other components for faster introduction of innovations into the market of microelectronics. Synopsys is the 15th largest software developer in the world. Please find additional information on Synopsys at www.synopsys.com


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