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  • Baikal Electronics presents the Baikal-T1 processor, world’s first silicon implementation of the MIPS Warrior P-class P5600 kernel

    Baikal Electronics presents the Baikal-T1 processor, world’s first silicon implementation of the MIPS Warrior P-class P5600 kernel 26 May 2015

    Baikal Electronics OAO, a Russian developer of integrated circuits, announces the delivery of the engineering samples of the Baikal multikernel processor designed for a wide range of industrial and consumer devices in the market of communications, industrial automation and imbedded systems. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF actively supported the development through the Federal Program aimed at the “Development of Electronic Components and Radio Electronics for 2008-2015”; T-Nano and T-Platforms companies invested into the development too.


    The Baikal-T1 basic specs:

    • Two P5600 MIPS 32 r5 superscalar kernels
    • Operational frequency: 1.2 GHz
    • Cache L2 1 Mbyte
    • Memory controller DDR3-1600
    • Integrated interfaces:
      • 1 port 10Gb Ethernet
      • 2 ports: 1 Gb Ethernet
      • PCIe Gen.3 controller
      • 2 potrs: SATA 3.0
      • USB 2.0
    • Power consumption below 5 W
    • Process 28 nanometer
    • Package 25x25 mm

    Making his comment on the presentation of the engineering samples Grigory Khrenov, Technical Director of Baikal Electronics noted, “The Baikal-T1 is, without exaggeration, an important milestone for the Russian microelectronics industry. Our specialists have created not just a simple processor but the first Russian system on a chip with a wide set of modern high-speed interfaces. Please note that this is also the world’s first implementation of the Warrior P-class P5600 kernel version of the popular MIPS processor architecture for the communications solutions and imbedded systems. So Baikal-T1 may occupy its niche in the ecosystem which has been developing for the last 30 years and has a notable potential in the growing markets. Another distinctive feature of Baikal-T1 is that it can be a basis for passive-cooling solutions. Baikal-T1 is a Russian development with all its units, including the licensed ones, being present in the source codes, which guarantees a very secure product.”

    There are currently two tendencies in the development of complex micro electronic products. The first tendency presumes the development of the product from scratch. However, the attempts of the last decades to enter the mass market with a proprietary processor architecture, even technically better than conventional, failed as they required the creation and maintenance of the own software infrastructure, while the programmers community is not yet ready for it. The products from Baikal Electronics are based on the processor architecture, recognized and supported by the industry, and the interfaces of the latest standards. This approach substantially reduces the time and the resources needed for the development. It is nowadays used by most of the companies who develop ICs, such as Qualcomm, Broadcom, Samsung, etc.

    “Our shareholders set an ambitious goal for us: develop only competitive products. We were advancing towards this goal by building a professional engineer team, licensing the latest IP and development tools, and making an agreement with a leading factory to use the 28-nm process. We have accomplished all the phases of the development, from creating the architecture of the system on a chip to the topological synthesis and verification. Today we present the result of our hard work: the engineering samples of our first product,” said Svetlana Legostaeva, General Director of Baikal Electronics.

    “Currently a few dozens of Russian manufacturers, such as Rikor.IT, Axitech, NII Masshtab, Qtech and T-Platforms, showed their interest in our products. We expect the first commercial solutions to be supplied to the market this year already,” said Evgeniy Evdokimov, Deputy General Director for Development of Baikal Electronics, “We see that Baikal-T1 is in demand not only in Russian market, but also abroad. The product’s specs and a wide choice of software help our customers develop final devices in demand in the market. This, in its turn, will provide for us the sales of hundreds of thousands pieces per year.”

    The Baikal-T1 engineering samples have been accessible for developers since 1 June 2015. The processor is supplied as a kit with the tools for software development.


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