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  • Companies "Open mobile platform", "Baikal Electronics", and "NPP Itelma" signed a cooperation agreement

    Companies "Open mobile platform", "Baikal Electronics", and "NPP Itelma" signed a cooperation agreement 27 November 2019 Companies "Open mobile platform", "Baikal Electronics", and "NPP Itelma" will work together to create new Russian IT-products on the basis of Russian processor and Russian operating system. This will give manufacturers a number of regulatory advantages.

    Terminals on the basis of Russian hardware and domestic software are planning to appear in Russia:

    "Open mobile platform", "Baikal Electronics" and "NCE Itelma" plan to create informational kiosks and terminals, which will be based on Russian processors and domestic mobile operating system. The companies signed a trilateral cooperation agreement during the TAdviser SummIT 2019. The companies note that the development will be based on Baikal-M processor and trusted mobile operating system "Aurora".

    As expected, after the creation and piloting of new kiosks, they can replace information terminals in MFC, prefectures of districts and municipalities of Russian cities, information kiosks and terminals in courts and medical institutions, automatic examiners in the traffic police, self-service terminals in employment services etc.

    "We are glad that there is an example of a new domestic IT-product on a Russian processor, and we hope that it will be only the first in a series of many," commented on the event Andrey Evdokimov, CEO of Baikal Electronics.

    What will localization give:
    The companies also noted that the localization of production of high-tech products will allow manufacturers to obtain a number of regulatory advantages. Among them — the advantage of the contract price in the amount of 30% discount of the cost for products manufactured in the territory of the EAEU, entry into the unified register of Russian radio-electronic products, as well as in the unified register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. Experts add that before launching into commercial operation, the development will have to pass the certification of the FSTEC and the FSB.

    The use of Russian-made components, according to experts, will allow government agencies to meet the requirements of regulators and simplify the procurement process. In addition, there will be no need to use additional means of protection when working with personal data. This will significantly reduce the cost of the solution and simplify the implementation process.

    Open mobile platform - is a Russian developer of Aurora trusted mobile operating system and Aurora Center mobile device management system.

    Baikal Electronics - is a domestic company specializing in the design of integrated circuits and systems on a chip based on ARM and MIPS architecture.

    NCE ITELMA - is a research and production enterprise focused on the development and application of high technologies in industrial production.


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