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  • Retail Price For BE-T1000 SoC Set At 3990 Rubles

    Retail Price For BE-T1000 SoC Set At 3990 Rubles 31 May 2018 Baikal Electronics, Russian microprocessor company, announces the beginning of retail sales of its SoCs in quantities necessary for prototyping and test samples production of  end products. On June 1, 2018  "CHIP and DIP" retail and online stores of electronic components start selling BE-T1000 (code named Baikal-T1) at a retail price of 3990 rubles.
    The price policy regarding high-volume shipments are determined by Baikal Electronics on an individual basis and SoCs will be delivered directly to the customers.

    "We are pleased to expand our cooperation with CHIP and DIP retail chain, - says Konstantin Shcherbakov, director of marketing and sales department of Baikal Electronics. - We received a good result, after starting to sell evaluation boards. Now our main goal is to reduce the cost of entering development projects for our customers. We will do this by improving the quality of documentation, creating a set of software, updating and disseminating application notes and reference designs.
    Since our product was introduced to the market we have done a great job from the ecosystem's point of view - now everything is ready to support the design: one can "taste the SoC" at our lab, or start prototyping devices with easy to buy SoC and evaluation board".