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  • SDK 4.14 for BE-T1000 and BFK has been Released

    20 July 2018

    Baikal Electronics announces the release of an upgrade to the BE-T1000 SoC and BFK evaluation board software development kit (SDK). This highly anticipated update is built on the up-to-date Linux kernel 4.4.135, that is equipped with additional patches recommended by MIPS Technologies.

    SDK 4.14The new SDK includes  updated version of the GCC compiler version 8.1.0, it supports a set of MSA (MIPS SIMD Architecture) instructions for vector computing. In reply to the numerous requests from owners of BFK evaluation boards SDK 4.14 now has the ability to boot from USB and added an option to change default boot menu item. Also included in the SDK for the first time is the source code for DDR memory initialization, it will greatly simplify the understanding of ongoing processes and seriously accelerate the development of complex devices based on BE-T1000 processors.

    In addition, SDK has got an expanded set of dynamic libraries and utilities in initrd, as well as a redesigned Gigabit Ethernet driver with improved stability and predictability. The Software Developer Toolkit (SDK) is available for download through this link.

    The full change-log of the new SDK is the following:

    1.       SDK (main tree SDK)

    • The GCC compiler and a set of related tools (toolchain) has been updated to version 8.1.0;

    • the mkenvimage utility is replaced with a newer version (the old one generated errors during the U-Boot build);

    • build initrd: extended the list of default libraries - now, in addition to those already available;

    • In the boot menu for the BFK 3.1 card, an item is added that implements the boot from the USB drive;

    • build scripts build-initrd-img.sh, build-boot-img.sh, environment.sh, mkrom;

    • corrected minor errors and shortcomings, simplified the structure of scripts, improved readability;

    • in bfk3.def the correct values of variables for memory tests are added, the variable cpufreq is removed;

    • in bfk3.def the variable bootmenu_default is added, which allows changing the default menu item;

    • accelerated the assembly of U-Boot;

    • changed the format of messages with the number of the assembly.

    2.       Initrd (Baikal Embedded Linux)

    • busybox has been updated to version 1.28.4;

    • udhcpc: the DHCP server is waiting for a response in the background;

    • updated the file of the Moscow time zone (usr / share / zoneinfo / Europe / Moscow);

    • fixed minor flaws in .mk files.

    3.       Kernel (Linux kernel 4.4.135)

    • merge with kernel.org 4.4.135;

    • stmmac: GMAC DMA parameters adjusted to improve stability;

    • MIPS: mm: Pass scratch register through to iPTE_SW - backport of bbeeffe from upstream

    • MIPS: mm: Don't clobber on XPA TLB refill - backport of f383219 from upstream

    • Added driver Baikal Boot Controller (removes protection with bootable SPI Flash);

    • added driver dw-spi-boot-flash (intercepts calls to the bootable SPI Flash);

    • the CONFIG_IOMMU_SUPPORT flag is turned off.

    4.       U-boot

    • added the source code for initializing DDR-memory;

    • BFK 3.1 has added support for booting from USB-media;

    • Added a new version of the libllenv library with support for the variable sizes of memory areas;

    • fixed an error in setting the value of the register i2c_sda_hold;

    • The upper limit for the cpu freq command is set to 1500.