Power-Efficient Processors
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    The world’s first new generation MIPS Warrior P-class P5600 architecture in silicon

    Fields of application

    Communications infrastructure

    Office desk computers

    Network data storage

    Industrial automation and property management





    BE-T1000 is a MIPS-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) featuring the latest 32-bit Warrior P-class cores by Imagination Technologies. The BE-T1000 energy-efficient dual-core SoC is the first silicon implementation of the MIPS P5600 CPU core with a wide range of high-speed interfaces.


    • Two P5600 superscalar cores, MIPS32r5
    • Clock rate up 1.2 GHz
    • L2 cache 1 MB
    • DDR3-1600 with ECC
    • 10Gb Ethernet and two 1Gb Ethernet
      • PCIe Gen.3 x4
      • 2x SATA 6G
      • USB 2.0
      • TDP below 5W


    • A wide set of integrated communications interfaces
    • SIMD support
    • High performance per every watt consumed
    • Quick access to RAM with ECC
    • High-throughput disc subsystem
    • Devoted DMA channels for every interface