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    A high-performance ARM-based SoC

    Fields of application

    Office desk computers



    Industrial automation and property management





    BE-M1000 is a feature-rich system-on-a-chip with eight ARM Cortex-A57 cores, an 8-core Mali-T628 GPU, and a set of high-speed interfaces including HDMI, PCI Express, 10Gb Ethernet and SATA. This SoC can be used in desktops, microservers, and embedded applications.


    • 8 ARM Cortex-A57 cores (64 bit)
    • Clock rate up to 1,5 GHz
    • 8-core Mali-T628 GPU
    • Two 10Gb Ethernet and two 1Gb Ethernet controllers support VLAN and traffic shaping
    • Dual-channel 64-bit DDR3/4 interface with ECC support
    • 4 MB (L2) + 8MB (L3) cache
    • HD video decoder with a frequency of 60 frames/s
    • Supports HDMI 2.0 WQXGA (2560×1440)@60Hz and LVDS video interfaces
    • A built-in PCI Express Gen. 3 root complexes (4+4+8 lanes)
    • Two SATA 6G controllers with data transfer rates up to 6 Gbps
    • Two USB3.0 and four USB2.0 channels
    • Estimated TDP below 30 W
    • HD Audio

    Short description

    Performance tests

    Short description

    Programmer Documentation

    The Baikal-M (BE-M1000) Programming Guide is intended for developers of system software or bare-metal applications.

    The set includes 39 volumes (over 3,600 pages) and describes the structure of the microprocessor as a whole (memory map, interrupt list, etc.) and the individual functional subsystems (DDR, USB, PCIe, HDMI, etc.).

    For each functional subsystem:

    • A detailed description of the structure;
    • The purpose of the main blocks and interfaces, features of their functioning;
    • The description of the programmable registers and their fields;
    • Recommendations for software management of the subsystem.
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    Software environment

    The SDK (Software Development Kit) includes the following set of system software modules:

    • Toolchain based on the gcc cross-compiler;
    • Arm Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) in sources;
    • TianoCore UEFI (EDK II) in sources;
    • Linux kernel in sources;
    • Rootfs based on busybox.

    UEFI tianocore (support for Linux kernel booting through interfaces):

    • SATA
    • USB
    • 1Gb Ethernet
    • SPI
    • PCIe