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  • BE-T1000 (Baikal-T1)
  • BE-M1000 (Baikal-M)
  • BFK 3.1
  • BE-T1000 (Baikal-T1)

    The world’s first new generation MIPS Warrior P-class P5600 architecture in silicon

    Software Environment

    ​Baikal-T1 SDK Pack Version 4.13 (software Beta Linux 4.4.100) for Baikal-T1 evaluation board

    Up-to-date SDK Installer 4.13 (md5sum: 2a0344c14a5a3011515e744f94f104c1) (615 MB)

    ​Baikal-T1 BSP Pack Version 4.08 / 3.00.07 add-on (Linux 4.4.24 / 3.19 software) for Baikal-T1 evaluation board

    ​ Up-to-date Debian Jessie image, gzip archive (md5sum: 1bb3dbebdc2bee3f57305bb206e86c99) (19 kB)

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